New Benchi Express Creates A Quicker Route To Hotel Jardín Tecina

There have been lots of changes at the hotel recently, which you can read about here, but a further change to the way guests arrive is now in place. As we reported in April of 2016, a brand new local ferry service is now running from the island’s capital, travelling directly to Playa Santiago and dropping you off just metres from the hotel.

The Benchi Express, now part of Fred. Olsen’s fleet of ferries in the Canary Islands, will travel along an old route which has now been reinstated. The local route between San Sebastián, Playa Santiago and Valle Gran Rey was stopped in 2011 when it was deemed to be no longer financially viable. However, demand from the locals and the need to establish a better way to cross the island have led to this new boat being launched.

Following sea and berthing trails, the Benchi Express has now entered service and will operate three journeys each day. Passengers can book tickets at the same time as securing their journey from Los Cristianos in Tenerife to San Sebastián, and will receive a better price when booking these trips in tandem. New ticketing machines have also been installed at the ferry terminal to give passengers more information relating to their crossing. These will detail how long it is until the next service (and if there is a delay), along with the weather and sea conditions that can be expected.

The reestablishment of this local route is sure to be received well by locals and tourists alike. It now means a car journey along the zig-zagging and sometimes hazardous roads of La Gomera can be avoided and the transfer time will be cut by around 20 minutes.

If you want to take advantage of this new ferry service, we will include your tickets in your hotel package. Just call us on 0808 231 7584 for more information or to enjoy some winter sun at the Hotel Jardín Tecina.

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