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3 Things You Can Do On A La Palma Day Trip From La Gomera
La Palma is one of the lesser known Canary Islands. Fortunately, if you are planning to travel here, there is a direct ferry service from La Gomera with Fred. Olsen Express that takes two hours from port to port with returns happening throu…
Why La Gomera Is The Perfect Destination For A New Year’s Stay
As we head towards the end of the year, temperatures start to drop and many travellers are looking to escape over the New Year’s period.
The Historical Highlights of San Sebastián in La Gomera
Getting a feel for the local culture can be a large part of experiencing certain destinations and La Gomera is no exception. With San Sebastián being the only port on the Island, many tourists enter into the city from Tenerife via ferry.
5 Things You Didn’t Know About The New Canary Island
With the recent decision from the General Commission of the Autonomous Communities of the Senate, La Graciosa has been accepted as the eighth and newest Canary island.
7 Reasons To Seek Winter Sun In the Canary Islands
As we’ve already passed the half-way point of the year, you may be looking to book your winter sun getaway. With many exotic destinations to choose from, it’s difficult to decide on your perfect destination.
Could the Island of La Gomera be Self-Sufficient by 2030?
As the second-smallest island within the Canary Islands, La Gomera has made the decision to become the largest self-sufficient island in the world by 2030.
4 Things To Do On A Gran Canaria Day Trip From La Gomera
On your holiday to La Gomera, there is plenty to do on the island. With scenic walks and local specialities around every corner, you may think there is no reason to leave the island.
My First Experience Of Hotel Jardín Tecina
Travel Specialist, Lucy Newman, recently visited our laid-back resort in the Canary Islands for the first time. Here is what she thought of her stay.
3 Essential Activities To Enjoy At Hotel Jardin Tecina
While relaxing by the beach may seem to be all the Canary Islands offer, here at Hotel Jardín Tecina we also include memorable activities that you can enjoy whilst recharging your batteries.
4 Things to know before travelling to the Canary Islands
When travelling to one of the world’s favourite holiday sun destinations, you would expect a somewhat homely feeling, but along with the sunny beaches and colourful cuisine, the Canary Islands have many quirks of their own.
5 Uncrowded Beaches in the Canary Islands
Going to a beach on your Canary Island holiday can seem like an easy task, but a lot of the well-known beaches can be tourist-traps that are overcrowded by locals and fellow tourists alike.
Alcoholic Beverages That Were Created In The Canary Islands
When on holiday, many of us travellers like to indulge with a drink or two and, with lots of beverages to choose from, some tourists don’t know where to start.
4 Different water sports in the Canary Islands
Amongst all of the festive fun at the Hotel Jardín Tecina, you might want to take some time out to experience some of the island’s many water sports.
5 Animals You Don’t Want To Miss On Your Holiday To La Gomera
Amongst all of the sunbathing and swimming on your holiday to La Gomera, you might want to explore the local wildlife that is on display.
Taking Some Time Out At Tecina
Last week, some members of the team travelled to La Gomera for a few days. This is what our Operations Manager had to say about his time on the island.
New Benchi Express Creates A Quicker Route To Hotel Jardín Tecina
The reinstatement of this local ferry route will now make it easier for guests to arrive at the Hotel Jardín Tecina.
5 Things To Do When You Arrive In Los Cristianos
As you wait for your ferry crossing from Los Cristianos in Tenerife, here are a few things to do in the area.
Changes Are Afoot At The Hotel Jardín Tecina
As we enter the busy summer season, we are pleased to announce some changes to our relaxing resort in La Gomera.
Mirador, Mirador, Which Is The Fairest Of Them All?
La Gomera is full of observation decks & viewpoints known as miradors. Here are some of the impressive spots where you can capture some breathtaking photos.
This Amazing Drone Footage Captures La Gomera Perfectly
Watch as the beautiful island of La Gomera is brought to life in this fantastic drone footage. Prepare for the wanderlust.
The Vibrant Festivals Of La Gomera
La Gomera is a vibrant island with rich natural beauty, colourful and delicious cuisine, and plenty of reasons to celebrate throughout the year.
10 Leisure Activities At The Hotel Jardín Tecina
Although you can (and should) take some time to explore the beautiful island of La Gomera, you don’t even have to leave the resort if you don’t want to.
The Charming Chapels Of La Gomera
Something you are sure to notice is the number of little chapels amongst the landscape of La Gomera. Here are a few charming examples that you might discover.
3 Natural Landmarks On La Gomera
Untouched by mass tourism and greener than any other Canary Island, La Gomera is home to natural spots that are beautiful and stirring in equal measure.
Christmas In The Canary Islands
Whilst we wait for Santa, tuck into turkey and get most of the celebrations over in one day, things are slightly different on La Gomera.
Two New Gastronomic Experiences At The Hotel Jardin Tecina
The Gara Restaurant and the Eco Finca Tecina have recently opened at the hotel. Both of these are designed to give guests a taste of La Gomera.
La Gomeran Dish Tops Spain’s List Of Gastronomic Wonders
A few months ago, the people of Spain voted from a shortlist of 20 dishes to decide what the seven gastronomic wonders of their nation should be.
4 Reasons To Get Married At Hotel Jardín Tecina
The team at the Hotel Jardín Tecina will be able to ensure your big day goes smoothly, making La Gomera a great choice for tying the knot abroad
3 Things To Do On A Tenerife Day Trip From La Gomera
With plenty to do, Tenerife is a great choice for a day trip from your base in La Gomera. Here are three exciting things to do.
Bajada de la Virgen Festival
The Bajada de la Virgen is a unique and colourful festival which takes place on the island of La Gomera, over the course of three months, once every five years.
Who Would Enjoy A Holiday In La Gomera?
A trip to La Gomera will allow people to indulge their passions and interests on a holiday that can be as relaxing or active as you want it to be.
4 Reasons To Love Tecina Golf
As the Fred. Olsen Challenge of Spain comes to the Hotel Jardin Tecina again, we look at why this is the perfect place to indulge your passion for golf.
Your Route To The Hotel Jardín Tecina Could Be About To Get Easier
As Fred. Olsen Express applies to reinstate an old ferry route, the journey to the Hotel Jardín Tecina could be getting easier for guests.
Canary Cruise And Stay
A relaxing stay at the Hotel Jardín Tecina is a great way to recharge the batteries, but your holiday doesn’t have to end there. We now have three different ways in which you can extend your break by combining it with a transatlantic cruise…
La Gomera’s Role In Discovering The New World
As the last place that Christopher Columbus stopped before his 1492 voyage, la Gomera played a key role in discovering the New World.
Three Reasons Why La Gomera Is The Perfect Canary Island
With La Gomera tipped to be a hot destination in 2016, here's why you should choose to visit over the other Canary Islands.
See The Real Life Setting For ‘In The Heart Of The Sea’
Boxing Day sees the release of the film, 'In the Heart of the Sea'. Here’s how you can see the filming locations for yourself & stay where the cast & crew did.
Four Foods Produced In The Canary Islands
We take a look at some of the delicious food products which are grown or made in the Canary Islands.
Getting To The Hotel Jardin Tecina
Your journey to the Hotel Jardin Tecina is in three parts. Everything will be organised seamlessly so all you need to do is relax & let the holiday begin.
Get Closer To Nature On Your La Gomera Holiday
There are many ways you can make the most of La Gomera's flora and fauna, here are just a few.
Exploring The Garajonay National Park
A visit to Garajonay is a must during your trip to La Gomera and so here are a few things you can do on your excursion.
Summer Is Award Season For The Hotel Jardin Tecina
The Hotel Jardin Tecina has recently been inducted into the 'Hall of Fame' by travel review company TripAdvisor.
Free Kids’ Places At Hotel Jardin Tecina This Summer
With free places for children at the Hotel Jardin Tecina this summer, it's the perfect destination for a family holiday.
A La Gomeran Menu To Savour
The cuisine of la Gomera is vibrant and has many influences. Here are some of the dishes you can expect to see on the menu.
4 Reasons To Spend A Romantic Break At The Hotel Jardin Tecina
The Hotel Jardin Tecina is the perfect destination for a romantic retreat. Here are few reasons why.
What’s Happening At The Hotel Jardin Tecina?
Here's an update an some of the things that have been happening at the hotel and on the island, as well as a look at some up and coming events.
Things You Didn't Know About The Canary Islands
The Canaries are part of Europe but lie closer to Africa. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to interesting facts.
3 Reasons To Seek Winter Sun In La Gomera
La Gomera is the perfect destination for a post-Christmas break that goes in search of some winter sun. Here are three reasons to travel to the Canaries during the colder months.
Top 3 Things To Do On La Gomera
Whilst you are free to do nothing during your stay at Hotel Jardin Tecina, here are some great things to do if you feel like being more active.
Health Benefits of Holiday Golf
A golfing holiday can bring a wealth of health benefits along with picturesque settings and warm weather. So what are you waiting for?
Hotel Jardin Tecina’s Role In Responsible Tourism
September the 27th is world tourism day and so here is a look at all the thing Hotel Tecina does to support the local community.
The Quieter Canaries
Islands such as Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote are well known to us in England, but what about the less popular Canary Islands?
Preserving The Ancient Language Of La Gomera
Silbo gomero is an ancient whistling language used by the people of La Gomera. It recently experienced a resurgence after nearly dying out.